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Secret Stash Marketplace

Secret Stash is the first digital marketplace for Ternoa assets. The simplest way to create, buy, sell and manage Ternoa NFT for everyone.

The Explore NFT page list all NFT on Ternoa. You can refine your search by using the filters. The search bar allows you to search for any NFT, collection or profile.

Secret Stash gives you the opportunity of getting shares of the marketplace. These shares are in the form of two collections. (212 Shooting stars and 369 comets after the burn) Those collections will give access to 30% of the Marketplace revenues and will have two ranks: -The rank 1 is Comet: This NFT worth 4 points -The rank 2 is Shooting Star: This NFT worth 1 point The total number of points after sales is 1688 points and the rewards will be send monthly each 28th of the month to the NFT shares holders. For example, let's assumes that last month the Marketplace gained 3.5M CAPS. Let's also assumes that 1688 points are owned by NFT shares holders. If you own 3 Comets NFT and 1 Shooting Star NFT, it represents 13 points. This month each point will be rewarded 622 CAPS. (Detailed calculation: 3,5M * 0.3 / 1688) You will then receive 622 * 13 => 8086 CAPS. Official sales have already taken place. The shares may be available in the secondary market.

Secret Stash slots are NFT made to represents the collection highlighted on the main page of the platform. Those NFT will always be rented or available for rent. A user who rent one of those NFT will be able to setup a collection to promote from his profile settings.

Secret Stash major metrics are available in the Activity page. Additionaly NFT operations are accessible from the Ternoa Explorer. Copy/paste your NftID or transaction hash to access to your operations/transactions history.

We provide email support for all of our users. When you fill out the support form, you'll be asked to provide: - Your email address - Your wallet address (if applicable) - Detailed information about your question or the issue you're experiencing Sharing this information with us makes it more likely we can solve your issue quickly. We're happy to help!


Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) are unique digital items with blockchain-managed ownership. There are many kinds and applications of NFT, Secret Stash is the first digital marketplace for Ternoa's NFT.

A soulbound NFT, once received, cannot be transferred or sold to anyone; it can only be burned.

Basic NFT are public in nature and can be viewed by anyone. Secret NFT are a special kind of NFT in Ternoa that support encrypted data. They are an extension of basic NFT an contains 2 assets: a public one and an encrypted secret one. Only the current owner can decrypt the secret NFT at any point.

Ternoa has created the "Capsule" token which is a new kind of token that allow users to store unlimited confidential data transferable on time. Think of capsule as enhanced form of NFT which can take any number of files in encrypted media. Issuer should be able to convert his NFT into a Capsule and to be able to add limitless datas.

An auction is a type of sale where the NFT seller sets a minimum price and a time period. Buyers can place bids on the amount they are willing to pay for the NFT as long as they are above the minimum price. At the end of the time period, the NFT is sold to the highest bidder. Auctionned NFT are marked with a small hammer icon.

NFT Renting allows individuals to rent NFT they would like to access for a limited time (e.g. fixed time or subscription). You can put your NFT for rent or rent an NFT and gain access to exclusive content or utility. For example you can rent a "featured collection" slot to promote your collection on the homepage.

NFT management

When an NFT is minted, the creator can specify a royalty and will earn royalties from future resales.

Delegating an NFT to someone allows him to use the NFT features for additional purposes without transferring ownership of the NFT to him.

When a Secret/Capsule NFT is created, it is not fully minted yet: it goes on a syncing state. Once the private encryption key attached to the Secret/Capsule NFT is stored securly in a decentralized manner, the syncing state is finished and the Secret/Capsule NFT is fully minted. NFT operations are not allowed during the syncing state (e.g. transfer/selling/renting...). This state usually lasts few minutes.

Once minted, the secret of Secret NFT can not be changed. It is encrypted and store off-chain; the off-chain data remains immutable like the one of basic NFT.

Capsules NFT are mutable unlike secret NFT; the content can be updated at any time.

As an owner of a Capsule NFT, you can change the Capsule NFT keys to enhance security at any time. You have to decrypt the entire content of the capsule and cick on the action "Update keys". This will change the Capsule NFT state: it goes on a syncing state again.


A collection is way for creators to group NFT in a higher order entity. You can imagine it as an NFT folder on steroids with ownership and important metadata (e.g. profile picture, banner picture).

A closed collection prevents the creator of the collection to add more NFT to the collection. When creating a collection this one remains open by default. However, the collection's creator can chose to close it at any point of time after the collection has been created. NFTs that belongs to a not closed collections are marked with an orange badge on the top left corner.

A collection limit defines the total number of NFT a collection can have. Limit is optional on collection creation and can be defined later but only once.

If you have one or multiple traits for your collection. You can compute automatically the rarity for each NFT. To do that you need to be connected, authenticated in your profile then go to the collection actions in the collection page. There you will be able to load and chose the trait you want and compute the rarity.


A transaction hash (abbr. TxID or TxHex) is a single character string that represents an identification number for each transaction on the blockchain. Thanks to the TxID, you can easily find a transaction on the Ternoa explorer.

Your NFT collected are visible from your profile page. With a simple click you can unlock augmented features using the official Ternoa Wallet. Your NFT belong to you and are totally safe in your wallet.